Kidney Failure: The Rest Of The Story

Because of kidney failure, being in ICU, my muscles, and the ability to even set up in bed was not easy. I was placed in the wheelchair with a lift. When I would try to set up, I would get so dizzy. I would almost faint, or get sick to my stomach. So I had to use a “Hoyer Lift”. They lifted me out of the wheelchair to get my weight each time before dialysis. And also, how I was placed in the chair for dialysis. It was neither a pretty picture nor self-esteem builder, but a day to day task.

Rehab at the assisted living place was slow. They took me to a king-sized bed to practice sitting up. Quite a few days was just repeatedly stretching, sitting up from a laying position and to remain sitting up for 5 minutes at a time. It took awhile. Eventually, I got to 15 minutes at a time. Then I progressed to learn to use a “Slide Board”. It was used for moving from a sitting position on the bed, to wheelchair and back to bed. (had not been fitted for prosthesis yet).

First part of March, my breathing/oxygen levels were not good. So, I was on oxygen quite a bit. I did breathing exercises each day also. That was pretty much the extent of rehab that month in between going to dialysis 3 days a week for 4 hours each trip, which were very cold and bumpy. The last 10 days of March was my getting sicker every day again. Low and behold pneumonia struck again and back to Providence Hospital for care.

It was a very rough 10 days, but the GREATEST WAS PRAYER ANSWERED IN THAT TIME – MY KIDNEYS CAME BACK – WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY THAT WAS AND MANY TEARS AND PRAYERS OF THANKS TO THE LORD!! Believe me I fought hard every day to get stronger and continued “The Serenity Prayer continually”.

During this month of March, I also had my most embarrassing moment- hilarious (in a way). Probably bout the 10th of March, a male nurse shows up early in the morning and says “Good morning Bonnie – I have been assigned to give you your first shower (all this time 3 months were bed type baths), but if you would prefer a female nurse just let me know.” I thought about it a moment and started laughing. And I said, “You are a professional person. Part of your job is bathing males/females and at this point everyone/everybody in this place has seen me from one end to the other and giving me a shower isn’t going to change how I look. So, lets get it done.” There you have it -my most embarrassing/hilarious moment. The nurse laughed to and we got it completed.

Bonnie’s continuing story

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