Sharon’s Surprise & My Continuing Rehabilitation

Second week of April 2004, my orthopedic doctor, Dr. Chung, advised me I that my left foot stump was healed and ready for prosthesis fitting. He was sending Trevor Munger to do the fitting.

That afternoon, I met another miracle person. He would be a big influence on my healing, mentally and physically and, as far as I am concerned, a friend for a lifetime. This young man (early thirties at the time) with the biggest smile, a bucket and paraphernalia in one hand (left) as his right hand/arm was amputated below the right shoulder. I probably thought, “How is he going to accomplish fitting me for a foot prosthesis.”

Trevor said, “Hello! Are you ready to start the next phase of recovery. ” Still smiling. I said, “Yes, I think so.” I was still hesitant in believing he could do this. He said, “Before we get started let me tell you my story.”

Trevor was born with the right arm not being developed. He became a very active young man. His family encouraged him in all aspects of his life. His disability did not stop him from doing anything and everything he wanted to accomplish. In high school in Kenai, Alaska he became a trophy winning football player and continued on to college to learn the art of making prosthesis. He is now the leading prosthesis maker in Alaska (That’s my opinion, but from what I have read and am told, it’s true.)

I was in awe of this young man. I figured YES. I can do this with God’s grace and help. Trevor explained that first he had to make a cast of my left leg/stump, then design a prosthesis. It would take several fittings before the final product was ready for me to use. That it would take adjustments at different times, as I became used to walking with a prosthesis.

I was in my wheelchair and Trevor sat on floor. Very handily he began the process of building the cast using both arms expertly. At the same time building my confidence of him and his ability to do his job.

I think it took about a week and one day before in he walked with the prosthesis and said let’s put this to good work. I wheeled myself into the exercise room that had the bars to hold onto as I had learned to stand and eventually walk there. What a strange wonderful and scary sensation, putting on the prosthesis and standing on both feet for maybe 10 seconds before setting down.

Trevor told me,”You gotta go easy. Make sure there are no breakdowns in skin, that no sores or blisters start because of rubbing from ill fitting prosthesis.” I was on cloud nine and very happy, but lots of work yet to build up the stump and rest of my body. By the end of second week in therapy I was getting very proficient at dressing myself, using the slide board to transfer from bed ,wheelchair and exercise mat. So onto bigger and better things, learning how to shower, do kitchen jobs and getting into the car (They had an actual small car in the rehab area.) using the slide board. I was feeling pretty smart by then and knowing the lord was with me every step of the way. I was continually praying for guidance and giving him all the praise and glory for my accomplishments.

Bonnie’s continuing story

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