Diabetic (Charcot) Foot

It is only recently that I have read articles from the Diabetic association that refers to Diabetic (Charcot) Foot. My concern for anyone that has Charcot is the fact that if they aren’t aware an amputation will be in their future, but this can be avoided. The person must be very aware of the condition of their foot, its health, if it is changing shape in any way. Can they feel something if they step on it? No, this is neuropathy and many with neuropathy don’t realize they can’t feel. Also one foot is usually warmer to the touch than the other.

Lack of awareness and misdiagnosis are the two main reasons Charcot goes untreated.

Without treatment, Charcot can take away many of the basic functions of life: the ability to care for one’s self and family, hold a job and earn a living, exercise, and even live without pain.

Sadly, many people in general, and medical professionals will say this is not a life threatening disease. Yet, only within the past two years, one gentleman died because he underwent Charcot surgery more than once. Why? The doctors were not adequately prepared or trained to conduct this complicated surgery. They didn’t adequately prepare the patient to care for himself once home. Another was a woman who had a Charccot amputation, because of depression wouldn’t leave her home, spent much of her time on the couch, wouldn’t get dressed or answer the phone or door. She was found dead on the couch. Most recently a 60 year old man went to the hospital, had his foot amputated and lived only a few days after surgery. Yet had Charcot been discovered at an early stage, surgery could have been performed and recovery could have been only six weeks. They could have all walked again and lead a normal productive life with family and friends.

Hardware in Annita's right foot

Hardware in Annita’s right foot

How can I say this? I have Charcot and was fortunate to have had a young very knowledgeable surgeon who well prepared me for Charcot surgery. My right foot was in the last stage prior to amputation. He was able to save my foot from amputation. This was nearly a year of recovery much of it non weight bearing and in a wheel chair. My left foot also had Charcot but was in the very early stages. He preformed minor surgery (in my opinion) and recovery was six weeks and I was walking. Most who know me find it hard to believe as I had so much difficulty walking and now walk quite normally.

Message from Annita Shaw Founder

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