Give Of Your Time, Talent and Treasure

I want to send our Best Wishes to all of you who read and support our Charcot Awareness Education Foundation, It is so exciting to know we have friends around the world. We hope those of you who are experiencing foot pain or are going through foot surgery find the awesome doctor and an answer to your problem.

Also take time to reach out to someone you haven’t touched base with in many many years, or someone who is alone much of the time. Your smile, presence and warmth will make a difference in their life.

A friend of mine who has worked with nonprofit organizations for years often says those who support foundations give of their time talent and treasure. This past year I really began to see this happening in our Charcot Foundation. It takes a lot of volunteer work, as many long hours were put in on the Mardi Gras float which brought in about $1500. This sparked us enough to work on the Great Give which brought in double what we got the year before.

This allowed us to purchase the Charcot Foundation’s own computer and printer. They have made life easier.

We were again selected to take part in the Mardi Gras nonprofit miniature float competition in February of 2017. Not far away. We are excited about an upcoming Charcot flier, curriculum development and some stories of Charcot patients to be published.

Thanks to our awesome donors making this possible. Please join us as a partner. Tell us your story if you are a care giver of a Charcot patient , or are a Charcot patient, or you just want to help the Charcot foundation make a difference in someone’s life.

Make a difference in 2017. May it be your most rewarding ever.

Happy New Year!

Please donate to help inform the public about the damage Charcot Bone Deterioration disease causes. Please send your donations to:
Charcot Awareness Education Foundation
P. O. Box 3902
Silverdale, WA 98383-3902
We are an approved IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation and an approved Washington State Charities Program

Message by the Founder Annita Shaw

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