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May 3rd is only a few days away and such an important day it is. CAEF is part of the Kitsap Great Give, a part of the National Day of Giving. It is really exciting as the sponsors have a pool of money where they will proportionally match any donation. Which means your donation is even larger,

Please join us as a partner and help meet our goals. We want to early diagnois Charcot Foot so an amputation won’t happen. Curriculum is currently being developed that will be used to educate the public, the patient at risk, the medical profession and anyone who works with people at risk.

Because of your donation last year, The Charcot Foot Deformity Fact Sheet on peripheral neuropathy was developed, now, highly regarded by the medical profession and informative for the public. Presentations were given to diabetic groups and took part in other events. Max and I are members of the local hospitals Patient Experience Council a part of the CHI Franciscan Health.

A local foundation once said they were looking for a “Helping hand and not a Handout.” We need your “Helping Hand”, and/or your expertise. Please join us in our mission to help people with peripheral neuropathy avoid Charcot Foot and amputation.

Thank you for your donation and helping to avoid amputation.

This weeks article was contributed by Founder Annita Shaw
Brought to you by Charcot Awareness Education Foundation

CAEF to Take Part In Kitsap Great Give May 5, 2015

Help prevent amputation for those with peripheral neuropathy which causes Charcot Foot. Donate to Charcot awareness Education Foundation through Kitsap Great Give May 5, 2015. Go to to make your donation.

All Sponsor pool group

All Sponsor pool group

Great Give information

Great Give information

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No matter where you are you can donate to Charcot Awareness Education Foundation. May 5, 2015 only from 12:01 am to 11:59 pm at

Education is the Key to Understanding.

Message by the Founder Annita Shaw

Brought to you by Charcot Awareness Education Foundation

Welcome to the Charcot Awareness Website.  We are presently working on the site.  If you have questions about, or are an individual with Charcot Foot please don’t hesitate to email us your questions, concerns or story.

You may, also, click here to access Wikipedia for more information about Charcot and Charcot Joint.